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Fence Panels 

Fence panels are faster and easier to erect than systems that are assembled on site. Save time with fence Panels.Fence panels consists of Lap Panels, Closeboard Panels and Grange Elite Panels. Lap Panels can either be Pressure Treated or Dipped. Dipped Lap Panels have been around for years and more recently Pressure Treated Lap Panels have been a popular Fence Panel.
One draw back with fence panels is when they are erected onto sloping ground the fence panels have to be stepped to follow the contour of the ground that is to say the top and the bottom of the fence panel is kept level unlike some other types of garden fencing where the fence can slope with the ground. What is the disadvantage of stepping fence panels that do follow the contour of the ground it is that where the steps are made it leaves gaps beneath the fence at ground level and the top line of the fence may not be viewed as pleasing, using a concrete fence post the user has no concerns about the quality or the equivalent timber post as concrete fence posts lasts for years. The construction method for the fence using concrete fence posts is a little different the concrete fence posts are slotted to accept the fence panel which has the advantage that the panels can be changed at a later date if a particular panel becomes damaged, there are no nails with concrete fence posts holding the fence panels in situ as long as a space above the fence equivalent to the height of the fence panel is available then the fence panels can be easily changed leaving the existing concrete fence posts in tact without alteration. 

Concrete Fence Posts and Gravel Boards 

Another option with concrete fence posts is that a concrete gravel board can be placed at ground level beneath the fence panel. This has the advantage of keeping the fence panels clear of the soil hence removing the risk of rotting and in addition the concrete gravel boards can be buried in the ground ensuring there are no gaps as ground level if the fence panels need to be stepped to follow the contour of the ground. Like the fence panels the concrete gravel boards are not nailed or joined with any fixings to the concrete fence posts but they are fitted into the slot in the concrete fence posts. Additionally if there is a difference in ground levels between each side of the fence and additional concrete gravel board may be fitted in the concrete fence posts to retain the soil and overcome the difficulties with the ground levels. The term fence panel refers to any pre-constructed decorative timber fence panel however the most common and perhaps the fence panel which appeared on the scene is the traditional timber lap panel n.

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